20 de octubre de 2009

Where we go now?

Where we go now?
The end of the road
The beginning of loneliness
Bifurcation of paths
Divergence of souls
Departure of self
Where we go now?
My feet are nailed to the floor
Although my steps are moving
The inertia moves me forward
But the soul stays behind

Where we go now?
Dehumanizing emotion
The most human of feelings
What to do when gone?
What to do when not forgotten?

Where we go now?
My mind sees me alone in the dark
To my psyche I’m just an “I”
My soul still longs for contact
My spirit wants to be “We”

Where I go now?
To move my feet is a feat
To synchronize my soul is a fear
Will I find any road
To keep on walking
Body and soul at unison
And back to be “We” instead of “I”?